It’s time for eCommerce companies to wake up to Amazon’s influence, before it’s too late

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You no doubt understand the importance of digital marketing — SEO, Google AdWords, content, social media, and a whole host of other tactics designed to boost your eCommerce business. You probably already invest time and money in them as part of your digital strategy.

So why aren’t you doing the same when it comes to Amazon?

Put simply — Amazon shouldn’t just be a concern for your eCommerce business in 2018, it should be the concern. Indeed, I’d go so far as to say that if you have a product that can be sold online and you don’t have an Amazon strategy, then you will be out of business within five years.

It’s that important, and here’s why…

A sleeping giant

Amazon is radically changing the eCommerce landscape, moving beyond its role as a retail giant. It’s a powerhouse of search and advertising that can have a huge impact on businesses’ bottom lines.

Today more people use Amazon than Google when it comes to conducting product research. In fact, 9 in 10 consumers will check Amazon, even if they have found the product they are looking for on another site.

That’s a lot of eyeballs. However, your business’ success won’t just rely on your ability to get in front of them but stopping someone else from getting there before you can.

You need to act now before it’s too late

Because of the way Amazon’s marketplace is set up, it’s incredibly difficult to usurp sellers that have already established their presence. That’s great news for businesses that have been quick to see the opportunity that Amazon provides. But it should be ringing alarm bells for those who haven’t.

If you’re not building a presence for your products in Amazon’s marketplace, then you can bet that someone else will be. And by the time you realize how much market share they’re taking from you, it will be too late to do anything about it.

The time to act is now.

Unveiling our Amazon-centric services

Over a decade ago, we founded 6S because we recognized the fundamental need for businesses to take advantage of opportunities presented by digital marketing before their competition beat them to the punch.

Today, we firmly believe that the same is true when it comes to Amazon, which is why we’ve developed a new suite of specialized services designed to help eCommerce companies establish their presence in the marketplace.


We want to help you dominate the digital marketplace, and our services are designed to do just that.

Amazon is a complex platform that comes with its own rules. We’ve built a team of in-house experts that know how to play by them.

As a result, we’re now able to offer complete consultancy for eCommerce companies. From initial setup to final sale, our Amazon experts will organize, optimize, and manage your presence in the marketplace.

We’ve also developed a unique projection model to give clients an accurate picture of what Amazon can do for your business. This enables us to showcase exactly what impact our services can have on your bottom line.

If you’d like to know more, contact us to find out how our Amazon experts could help your eCommerce business.

We helped Domestic Objects navigate the complexities of selling on Amazon. Watch the Amazon case study video on how Sarah started selling kid’s play tents on Amazon Prime and FBA:

Our Amazon experts and consultants are located in each of our three offices in New York, Toronto and Vancouver.

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