How to Promote a New Blog with a Commenting Tribe

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NOTE: Even though I wrote this post, as well as used the commenting tribe strategy, quite a while ago (when I first started Traffic Generation Café), this strategy is every bit as effective today as it was back then.

Looking back at the start of my blog this past July, I am completely blown away with how fast it’s grown.

Apparently, you are too since the questions of how I did it keep pouring in.

I am always happy to oblige, so in this post I’ll talk about how I created a commenting tribe to give my blog social proof as well as a significant increase in my website traffic.

I mentioned this strategy briefly in my Traffic Generation Step by Step post, but just saying that I post all my new articles to various tribes didn’t provide much of the insider information on what I actually do.

I am sure you’ve heard of different internet “tribes” popping up as mushrooms after a summer rain.

What is a tribe?

Very simply, it’s a group of people who get together to promote each others’ content online.

I’ve seen 3 different tribe structures:

1.   Traffic Exchange Type Tribes

Some of the tribes I know of are huge and can cost you up to $70 per month.

They use a very intricate point keeping system and remind me of traffic exchanges: the more points you accumulate by commenting on and sharing other tribe members’ blogs, the more people will do the same … Read More


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