How to Grow F·A·T Traffic with Facebook Author Tag [#TrafficHack]

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What Is Facebook Author Tag?
How Facebook Author Tag Works
Why You Should Definitely Enable Facebook Author Tag
Should You Connect to a Facebook Profile or Page?
How to Implement the Author Tag on a WordPress Site
How to Test Your Author Tag Setup

When anyone shares your blog post on Facebook, your site gets ‘tagged’ – a story preview is automatically generated with your site name at the bottom.

In other words, anytime your content is shared, your SITE goes with it.

As great as that is, it’s half the battle.

What about your name? As the author of that content?


That’s exactly what Facebook Author Tag does.

What Is Facebook Author Tag?


Facebook Author Tag is a simple line of code on your site that tells Facebook to ‘tag’ you as the author whenever your content is shared on Facebook.

As a result, a clickable author’s byline that links to either your Facebook Page or profile is added to a story preview.


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