Event Announcement: Sharing the Secrets of Social Media Video Success

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We’ve all watched videos on social media. Whether they’re life hacks, “how-to” guides, or simply cute kittens — they’ve become an inescapable part of our day-to-day lives.

But have you ever considered making social media video part of your digital marketing strategy?

Whether you’re imagining your own branded YouTube clips, Facebook videos, Instagram stories, or Twitter posts — there’s a lot to think about.

Done right, social media video ads can help businesses bolster their marketing reach, boost web traffic, and engage with new customers. But doing it right can be more difficult than it looks.

So if you’re looking for a helping hand getting your social media video content right, then you’ll no doubt be interested in an upcoming talk from 6S Marketing’s resident video expert.

The secrets to social media success

6S is excited to announce that our brilliant Account Director, Tina Stokes, will be sharing the secrets of social video ad success at VidTalks 2018 in Vancouver this April.

A leading expert in the field of video marketing, Tina will be giving a talk offering advice for businesses on how you can expand your market reach with great social media video ads.

Tina will demystify the magic of social media video content and break down exactly how video advertising works across various social channels.

With online videos now making up a vast majority of consumer web traffic, Tina will dig deep into why you need to be creating compelling social media video ads for your brand. She’ll also be explaining how to produce a captivating social video ad, and offer advice on best practices to follow if you want to achieve success.

Beyond creative

As part of her speech, Tina will be going beyond the benefits of creative social media video to offer guidance to attendees on the nitty-gritty of analysis, targeting, and tracking.

She’ll be talking in-depth about one of the most appealing aspects of video ads — targeting — and how you can use this powerful tool to cherry pick your ad’s audience in order to transform viewers into valued customers.

Finally, Tina will be explaining the tools and techniques you need to effectively analyze whether your social media video ad campaign is as successful as you hope.

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About Tina

Tina Stokes, Account Director at 6S Marketing

Tina’s expert knowledge in the field of social media video comes with a wealth of experience in digital media buying and planning, including programmatic, direct, network buying, and video.

At 6S, she is our resident video guru. Tina focuses on video advertising and is constantly working to stay ahead of the curve in order to make social media video ads a success for our clients. Passionate about sharing her expertise, she also teaches at RED Academy, a design and tech school in Vancouver, helping instruct the Digital Marketing Foundations courses.

At VidTalks she’ll be joining hundreds of business leaders and marketing professionals who will be gathered for a full day of talks, panels, and networking in Vancouver. The conference aims to share the leading video marketing strategies and best practices benefiting brands – and Tina’s keynote is guaranteed to do just that.

VidTalks 2018 takes place at Vancouver Conference Centre on April 18, 2018.

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