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Episode 147: The 4 Pillars of Advertising on Google

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If you’re advertising on Facebook but not on Google, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. (Especially if you run a product-based business.)

After all, if someone sees a product they like, what’s the first thing they’re going to do? (Hint: Google it.)

Join the experts and guest Brett Curry as they dive into the 4 pillars of advertising on Google so you can leverage Google’s advertising platform and reach your potential customers. You’ll learn how to run ads not only on Google’s search engine, but also on their shopping platform, their display network, and the pre-roll video ads on YouTube.


The 4 pillars that make up the foundation of a successful ad campaign on Google.
How your Quality Score could get you a bid less than your competitor and still outrank them (« Plus, the 3 elements that makeup Google’s Quality Score).
The ad types you want to run first on each of Google’s properties.


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6S Socialerts: Instagram Scheduling, New Ad Formats for Instagram and Twitter, and More

We understand the digital marketing world is busy and that things are always changing. To make your lives easier, we collect the top social media updates along with tips on how to add them to your strategy.

1) Instagram Scheduling Exists

After many years of posting reminders, Facebook has answered our prayers. Instagram’s API now allows content scheduling! Last week, people noticed the update on Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and other platforms. So far, the update is only available for business accounts.

If your business doesn’t have a business account, there’s no time like the present. Not only do business accounts give you analytics, but now you can better plan your content. A plan will also ensure you stay consistent in your posting frequency. Both are key to audience growth.

2) Instagram Carousel Ads in Stories

Instagram is about to shake up their advertising with Carousel ads in Stories. Once introduced, this will be the first multimedia option for the Stories placement. Carousels ads will start with three pieces of content, but may expand to more in the future. The only brands with access to the new feature include Coca-Cola and the Gap. There is no release date for a wider roll out.

The Gap recently used Carousel Story ads to share a campaign that tied back to the brand’s past logos. The first Carousel slide was an introduction. The second slide shared campaign details in a video. The last slide concluded the ad with a call to action (with link included). While you wait for the new Carousel ads, consider how you might use these to tell a bigger story for your brand.


3) Twitter Introduces Sponsored Moments to Ads

In 2018, Twitter is still kicking! The social network recently added new ads for Sponsored Moments to its roster. Sponsored Moments are a series of tweets collected under a certain theme (e.g. The Super Bowl, The Emmys, and more). Marketers can use Sponsored Moment ads to add promoted tweets to these collections. Furthermore, branding the Moment title page is also an option.

A new ad offering presents additional revenue opportunities for Twitter. However, this placement is currently only available to a few select publishers. This makes it difficult to determine the effectiveness of Moments. Before they add any new ad options, we hope Twitter fixes the user interfaces of Twitter Ads in general.

4) Facebook Reduces Branded Posts on News Feeds

If you’ve noticed more of your friends’ posts on Facebook recently, that’s not a coincidence. Facebook announced users will see less branded content on their news feeds moving forward. Instead, the social network will rank content from friends and family higher. The change comes from an effort to restore social interaction on the platform. Marketers expect this update to drive up the cost of sponsored content and ads.

While this update comes as an upset to some brands, this is a unique opportunity to pivot your strategy. Instagram remains unaffected by the change. It’s time explore Instagram or other social platforms for your content distribution. Or, since the algorithm favors friends and families, consider investing in an influencer strategy. User-generated content and social proof are still big contributors for purchase decisions. Whatever your decision, it’s clear the old ways are gone so it’s time for change.

Fulfilled wish lists and algorithm changes prove 2018 is going to be an interesting year. As the dust settles and February takes off, ensure you adjust your social media strategy accordingly and quickly.

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6S Socialerts: Facebook Tackles Engagement Bait, Instagram Introduces Highlights and More

We understand the digital marketing world is busy and that things are always changing. To make your lives easier, we collect the top social media updates along with tips on how to add them to your strategy.

1) Beware engagement bait

There’s no room for sub-par content on Facebook. Moving forward, Facebook plans to penalize posts that use “engagement bait”. You know the type — “comment to enter”, “tag a friend”, and other tactics used to drive engagement on posts. Like the “click bait” restrictions, Facebook wants to limit spam content trying to cheat its algorithm.

This may seem unfair, but it benefits your audience and you (as a social media consumer and marketer). What’s a new year without opportunities for growth? This challenges you to create good content that provides value. Experiment with your copywriting and explore new posting features. For instance, if you’re looking for low hanging fruit, try out Facebook’s newest poll.

2) Long live your Instagram Stories thanks to Highlights

Some marketers put a lot of work into their content, even if it only lives for 24 hours. Thankfully, Instagram has introduced Highlights. The update allows you to archive and sort past Stories into different categories. You can edit Highlights, add to them, and leverage high performing past content.

This update is like Snapchat’s “Memories”, but the update took off without gripe. Expect brands to invest more resources in their Stories since the can now live longer. We’ve already seen some impressive examples making use of title pages and video. The one caveat is Highlights must come from past Stories that ran for 24 hours. Highlights will need more planning from your team. List anything noteworthy you can leverage in the first quarter of 2018. This approach will help you identify the events, product launches and more ahead of time to Highlight.

3) A hashtag is worth a thousand pictures

Instagram has been busy over the past month. If you didn’t notice, hashtag pages have a “follow” button allowing you to see the top posts on a topic in your feed. Instagram’s algorithm determines the top posts by their recency and quality.

This update helps brands in a few ways. When you follow a relevant hashtag, it’s easy for you to engage fast without searching. If people follow a hashtag you show up in, you increase your reach beyond your current community. The feature is new, but if popularity increases, it could be the next targeting method for Instagram ads. Do your research and choose your hashtags wisely.

4) Pinterest’s Taste Graph

It’s no secret that organic engagement is hard to achieve on Facebook and Instagram. So Pinterest, a content hub and link friendly, wants to give users a reason to reconsider it for marketing. Taste Graph, Pinterest’s insights tool gives you a unique look at your audience’s interests and favorite content.

Taste Graph is not available yet, but plans are to launch it in early 2018. We don’t recommend brands take part on every platform if it doesn’t benefit their brand. Yet, if Pinterest is relevant to your audience, the format fits your content and goals – it’s not a bad experiment. Sign up for early access.

There’s always a sense of renewal and hustle that comes with January. We’re all in for the new year, new rules, new trends, and new strategies. Let’s make this an innovative, responsible and agile 2018, everyone!

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