6S Socialerts: Hello Vero, Scrappy Snapchat, and more

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Already in 2018, a consistent trend can be observed: social media users are crying for authenticity and connection. In response, the industry has shifted, with platforms like Vero reaching near critical mass, and Facebook introducing the biggest newsfeed shakeup in years. Marketers must be more agile than ever with their platform strategies, and the stakes are even higher in producing content that will truly connect with your audience. Here is the latest:

1) Vero is the new kid on the block

It’s never easy being new to the scene, especially in the social media landscape. The thought of adopting a new app is daunting, given our entrenched online habits and the sheer volume of content. Yet, Vero did a great job positioning itself as a platform for authentic connection. Furthermore, Vero’s subscription-based model will supposedly ensure the network does not to sell out to advertisers. The added bonus? A lifetime subscription was free for the first million subscribers. Talk about incentives!

It seemed like a revolution was underway… until it wasn’t. Over the week a series of technical glitches, crashes, and slow servers overshadowed Vero’s strong launch and promise. So, why are we still talking about it? Well, the excitement over Vero points to our dissatisfaction with current social platforms. Despite algorithms, we struggle to see content and people we want to connect with. Also, the rise of influencer marketing has more people curating their lives, dismissing true authenticity. A change is needed, but it remains to be seen if Vero is the answer.

What should marketers do? Don’t dismiss Vero yet. This is the platform to watch, not only whether or not it succeeds, but in how it could shift the overall mindset of what users expect from a social media experience.


2) Snapchat ain’t going down without a fight

For once, Kylie Jenner was a voice for the people when she took to Twitter and questioned if anyone used Snapchat anymore. This stirred quite a debate and may have even been responsible for a hit to their stock prices. In just a month, they implemented a number of tactics to stay relevant, including:

The introduction of a new analytics tool
Offering free credits to brands using vertical ads on other social media platforms
Offering its advertising API to everyone
The launch of the Snap Store
Introducing GIFs to Snaps

New features and offerings are nice, but are all these efforts a bit too late? Not quite! A social media use report by the Pew Research Centre found 18- to 25-year-olds check Snapchat many times (at least three) a day.

What should marketers do? If young adults are your target demographic (Kylie Jenner excluded), do not dismiss Snapchat yet. Keep an eagle eye on your analytics, and know that a downward trend could just signal the need for a content refresh.

sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me… ugh this is so sad.

— Kylie Jenner (@KylieJenner) February 21, 2018



3) Say hello to Facebook’s new organic reach reporting

Over the past few months organic content took a big hit on Facebook Pages. While marketers curse this latest algorithm update, Facebook updated its organic reach reporting to mirror the method employed for promoted posts. This allows us to understand the actual impact in more detail, and gives us more consistent data to compare to our paid efforts.

What should marketers do? Learn from this data, and use it to inform your paid strategy. It is now more important than ever to allocate budget to ensure the visibility of your content.


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